What makes working as a group so exciting?

Working in a studio with other people is quite special. There is the focus you have from the directions of the tutor, the learning about new materials or techniques perhaps, the friendships you make, even just for the brief time you are together, but often these can endure beyond your workshop. However the most precious part of being at a residential workshop is TIME. We all live in a constantly busy world and to have the chance to develop our interests, or passions?, without worrying about everyday things, is a delight. Historically textiles have been produced by groups, of women usually but not exclusively, think of the Gees Bend women or the many groups of ethnic makers around the world. It is something of that fruitful collective endeavour we see at workshops.

The time spent in a workshop can be rewarding on many levels. Creatively it may give a new direction to your work, or unblock a log jam of ideas through discussion and tutor feedback, and you will have good fun at the same time.

This gallery of images are from Mary Sleigh’s 2015 Summer School but if these images whet your appetite to join the group in York this year then take a look at the information on our website.