Studio postings….eight weeks and counting

Our studio posting this week is with Ann Wheeler who as a tutor and TSG member will be well known to many people. During a quiet moment over coffee I asked Ann about her work for DIS/rupt.

Ann, can you tell me which area of the DIS/rupt project you are investigating or exploring?

Disruption to people’s lives has happened in the past in many ways. As a practising lacemaker with an ancestor listed in the 1851 census as a lacemaker, I was interested in exploring how the industrial evolution had affected their lives.

Can you tell us something about the piece you are working on for DIS/rupt?

The early lace-makers, many of whom lived in rural areas, worked 9 to 10 hours in order to supplement the family income. Children, both boys and girls were sent to lace schools at an early age to be instructed in the skills. I am focussing on trying to illustrate this in my piece.

What are the materials and processes that you are working with?

Antique lace, contemporary bobbin lace worked in paper yarn and stitched lettering.

Are you able to give us an idea of the scale of your piece and will it be free standing or wall mounted?

130cms x 70cms approx. and will be wall mounted

Thank you Ann for this fascinating insight. In our age of manufactured lace, produced on an industrial scale, it is all too easy to forget the hours necessary, not to say the amazing skill, in the production of lace. I think even a look at the ‘tools of the trade’, the complexity of working with bobbins and the fine needles, are testament to the place in our heritage these women deserve.

All information about DIS/rupt can be found at the group’s website TSG

Further information and booking details about the workshops running concurrently can be found at the link here SIT select 2017

Also information about the Symposium can be found on the SIT select 2017 website at Symposium

Looking forward to seeing you all in Stroud.

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