Artists Interview

Time  to share a  brief insight into the thinking  and creative approach of Alison King, another one of TSG’s nationally and internationally recognised member . We hope that you have enjoyed these posts and in a small way allowed you to get to know the group.

Alison King
Are the ideas/themes for this project ongoing or are they new ?
My work for the Insights exhibition came hard on the heels of a three month long, two woman show   with Rosemary Campbell in Peebles last Summer. So the ideas and themes  for Insights very much follow on from those visited in that show – landscape and history. I stay, some of the time, in the Cairngorms of Scotland and you can’t live there, as an artist, without learning to love the fantastic scenery. I strive to reflect in my work not just the physical aspects of the landscape – the shapes and colours – but somehow the romantic, sad atmosphere. I am particularly drawn to the woodland around my home – when the sun creeps through the trees suggesting that another world lies just beyond. You will often find me out with my sketchbook observing how the land has been moulded by its history – from the ruins of old crofts and hamlets to the remarkable patterns created by the heather burning. These highly geometric patterns  are particularly inspiring . It’s amazing to witness the game keepers battling with the fire and the wind high up on the hill tops, trying against the odds to create an encouraging  habitat  for the young grouse.

As a visual artist was it a challenge to write about your practice ?
I’m not sure I can say that I enjoyed writing all of my chapter in the Insights book but I do know it was very good for me! It certainly focused my mind. It led me to analyse my way of working and appreciate which aspects of the creative process are most important to me. I am very lucky to have a  large studio to work in so I can lay out areas of assorted fabrics, print and collage on a big scale. Painting is also a large part of my practice, so I have easels and pin boards to work on. This space has probably turned me into a very messy artist, mostly working intuitively and probably in need of some organisation!

Alison in her work space

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