The Textile Study Group (TSG) is a group of nationally and internationally recognised textile artists and tutors, well known for innovative and challenging approaches to art practice and contemporary teaching.

The objectives of the group are to cultivate and advance the practice of stitch and textile art through a broad spectrum of education – workshops, courses, lectures, publications, exhibitions – and to deliver expertise and excellence in all areas of textile art across all levels and ages of students.

It was first established in 1973 as a support group for embroidery teachers, under the inspiration and guidance of Constance Howard. The group was originally known as the Practical Study Group (PSG) and was affiliated to the Embroiderers’ Guild.

The Textile Study Group retains a core membership of about 25 experienced textile teachers who value the importance of the development of their own individual art practice in their role as educators. Based throughout the UK, members meet for two weekends a year in a supportive but challenging environment to participate in workshops led by outside tutors from a wide range of disciplines.

Each member is required to undertake a critical 5-year review with an appointed mentor who adds their unique expertise to the process. These reviews are considered very valuable by members, it gives them an opportunity to reflect on both their practice and teaching over the past five years as well as discuss possible future developments. Currently Jane McKeating is the reviewer, bringing her experience and highly regarded academic reputation to the group. There is no doubt that the in-depth preparation, one-to-one discussion and feedback marks an important stage of self-development and awareness that continues and sustains long after the review. In the past we have been lucky to have benefitted from guidance from Constance Howard, Julia Caprara and Polly Binns.

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